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I think my child may have ADHD!

May 22, 2015 1:41 pm Published by

ADHD is a condition which can affect several areas in a child’s personality and performance and typically make academics much tougher than they should be.  It can appear as “Hyperactivity” which everyone can recognize easily. It can appear as “Impulsivity”, which might show up as speaking before thinking or being called-on by the teacher.  It can appear as daydreaming or “Inattention”.  More than not, children show a combination of symptoms.  Almost all of us have some of each.  The big question is whether there is significant impact on our lives at school or work AND home.

If you are concerned about your child, feel free to discuss it with your provider.  If it seems likely that behavior is a concern, you will be given evaluation forms for you and teacher to fill out and return to us.  At that point, a detailed evaluation by the provider will be done to confirm ADHD and more importantly, to make sure that the ADHD is not a symptom of something else.  Treatment options which might include medications and cognitive behavioral training will be discussed.

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