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Patient-Centered Medical Home

May 22, 2015 12:44 pm Published by

Lancaster Pediatric Associates, Ltd. strives to provide accessible, comprehensive, compassionate care to our patients and their families. One way we are accomplishing this goal is by adopting the Medical Home model of care which is promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our goal is to obtain recognition as a Patient Centered Medical Home through the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance). As a result of evolving technology, organizations that assess the quality of medical care have begun to more clearly define what qualifies a practice as a medical home. You will see several initiatives in our office that help us fulfill the goals of the medical home. Visit www.ncqa.org for further information.

Lancaster Pediatrics will conduct surveys from time to time and we ask you to answer thoughtfully. Your feedback will be used to help us enhance our quality improvement. This in turn will improve the care we provide our patients. Our focus will periodically be on specific medical conditions or problems to improve the delivery of care to our patients using evidence based guidelines. We encourage you to visit www.pcmhri.org for further information regarding the established evidence based guidelines.

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

As your child’s medical home, Lancaster Pediatrics is a central resource for all your child’s care needs. You will be asked to choose a Primary Care Provider for your child. Your child will be seen by that provider for visits and scheduled with another provider only if his or her provider is unavailable. This concept allows for greater continuity of care and builds relationships between your family and the provider. We consider you an important part of our health care team. You are welcome and invited to participate in all aspects of your child’s care.

As your Medical Home, we will also help you find needed information and resources, such as, information about pediatric specialists, health conditions/latest treatments, support services for your family and other community resources.

What is a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and why does this matter?

Multiple studies have shown that health outcomes are better when there is a focused point of contact between a patient and their provider. Each patient at Lancaster Pediatrics is assigned to a PCP. You may select your PCP when you register with our practice. You may request a change in your PCP by calling our office. We will honor your request whenever possible based on the requested provider’s panel availability.

Many of our healthy patients like to get to know all of our providers in our practice and that is fine with us. Patients with special healthcare needs may choose to concentrate their appointments and contact with their PCP to improve care coordination. You may always ask to see your PCP or see another provider based on preference or scheduling convenience. The PCPs work together in our practice and are committed to robust communication among the office and with our patients and families.

Access and Availability

Our practice would love to be available when our patients need us. Please notify the staff of any special communications or access needs that your child may have. We also have Patient Portal available so patients will have access at all times to their health information, be able to schedule appointments, order prescription refills, and communicate concerns to their primary care provider. Please make sure you update your contact information with our front desk to include your email address.

We have policies with your needs in mind.   For example:

  • When you call for an urgent sick appointment you will be seen as soon as is indicated by our triage protocols, in many cases the same day. For well visits, we schedule appointments six months in advance for your convenience.
  • Our schedules allow providers to take as much time as needed at an appointment to address your concerns. Please tell us all your concerns when scheduling an appointment so that we can allow adequate time.
  • Please start with us first when accessing care for your child. In many cases we can take care of your medical needs in our office. When we are unable to do so, we can make sure that your child is referred to the most appropriate place and can coordinate their care.
  • Through our practice you have access to a robust patient portal. Please take advantage of it. You can see many aspects of your child’s chart on-line 24/7 including handouts we have provided for you, immunizations; growth charts and visit summaries/patient instructions.

We want to partner with you. How can you help?

  • When the office is closed, don’t simply head to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Call our main number and contact the provider on-call. Many times they can give you advice on the most appropriate home care, arrange to have you seen in the office the next day or if they matter cannot wait direct you where to seek appropriate care. Urgent care centers most often do not have pediatric expertise nor do they have access to your child’s health record/information. Call early in the day on weekdays or weekends to optimize our ability to accommodate you.
  • When you see a specialist, please ask them to send us a report so we can make sure we are aware of all aspects of your child’s healthcare. If we refer you to a specialist, please allow us to provide key information (may be through portal access) so that the specialist can provide the best care advice. Let us know if you cannot get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Maintain current information on your portal account. Use it to keep current email and phone information up to date, as well as, your preferred contact methods (how you would like to receive appointment confirmations, notifications, etc.).
  • Log on to your portal account prior to well visits to prepare for your visit. In many cases, there will be pre-visit surveys which will help us provide the best care during your time in the office. Handouts and information relevant to your child’s age will be provided. Read them in advance to focus our discussions. Send us a secure message or call the office if you have additional questions that you would like to address during a well visit so that we can allow appropriate time.
  • Take advantage of our information and resources. Many common questions are answered on our website www.lancped.com.

We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional care to our patients. Please ask our staff if you have any questions regarding your Medical Home!

More information on Medical Home please visit www.medicalhomeinfo.org.

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