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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that raising children takes an enormous amount of time and energy on your part. If we can help in that growth toward responsible, loving, and independent adulthood and make it more enjoyable for both parent and child, then we are accomplishing our goals.


We are always available for your child’s needs. There are unforeseen circumstances that limit our availability and necessitate your consideration.

  1. Office hours are by appointment, with the exception of walk-ins as explained below. Please call our office for a specific time.
  2. We ask that you select a Primary Care Provider or PCP for your child.  This will help to establish a patient/provider relationship which is part of our medical home model of care.  Preventive visits and discussions should be scheduled with your child’s PCP. If your child is ill, we will attempt to schedule them with their PCP whenever possible.  We do understand that scheduling conflicts happen but will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule.  If you are scheduling a preventive well visit, the earlier you schedule the appointment, the more availability there will be to choose from.  Our provider schedules are typically out 6 months in advance to help with your planning needs.    
  3. If you have a life-threatening medical emergency call 911. If you need immediate advice, call our office and press “0”.
  4. We do our best to see you for your appointment as soon as possible. There are circumstances beyond our control, such as when the doctors are away from the office for hospital emergencies. We need your understanding when this occurs.
  5. If you have a scheduled appointment with us and need extra time for other family members, please call ahead so we can accommodate your needs.
  6. Please feel free to talk with us regarding your concerns.
  7. Failure to keep an appointment: A letter will be sent to our established patients reminding them of the missed appointment as well as a fee charged for the time scheduled.
  8. Lancaster Pediatric Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to dismiss patients for failure to keep an initial appointment.

WALK IN/URGENT CARE APPOINTMENTS- available at the Lancaster office only, Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM for non-complex illnesses.  If you arrive to our office and it is felt that your child’s issue does not meet the criteria for a walk-in appointment, we will offer you the next available scheduled sick appointment.  If you arrive after 8:30 AM, you will be asked to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are for established patients of Lancaster Pediatric Associates.  If you are a new patient you will need to schedule an appointment. Additional charges apply.


Hospital Visits

We do submit claims for hospital care. If your insurance carrier has not paid your claim in 30 days, we suggest that you call them. At that time we will expect you to remit the balance in full, to us.

If you take your child to an Emergency Room, please notify our referral department, and we will O.K. the visit with your insurance company.  We do ask that you contact our office before going to the Emergency Room or to an Urgent Care, unless it is a true medical emergency.  In most cases, our provider on call can provide you with clinical advice to get you through until our office reopens.

PIAA Sports physicals

PIAA sports physicals must be performed yearly.  If the physical was done prior to June 1st of the same year, parents must provide the form, including a completed section 5, which will be reviewed by the provider for any changes in the student athletes health.  If there were no changes in the student athletes health, the provider will clear the student for sports participation.  Please note this is a change from the previous guideline set by the PIAA that stated all exams MUST be after June 1st of the same year.  The PA Chapter of the  American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) met with the PIAA and modified the deadline policy to reflect the normal recommended yearly physical schedule set by the AAP.  School districts do have the right to still go by the June 1st or after guideline.  In this case, if the student’s exam was before June 1st and the school will not accept the providers review and clearance, another exam will be required.  For further information visit the PIAA website at  School districts may choose not to accept our provider review and clearance.  If that is the case with your child’s school district, your child will need a PIAA exam with one of our providers.  We offer them at a cost of $40.00.

Learner’s Permit

For drivers exams your physical must be within 1 year and can not be more than 6 months before the patient’s 16th birthday. If your child is up to date with their physical, a message will  be sent to the provider who performed the physical seeking the approval of a nurse only appointment to complete the learner’s permit form.  The patient must be present in our office and sign in the presence of a nurse or provider to have the form completed.  If your child’s physical was performed more than 6 months before their 16th birthday, they will need a Driver’s Exam with their PCP.  We offer them at a cost of $40.00

Vaccine Policy

Our office follows the recommended CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine schedule.  For details on the recommended schedule, please visit:

If you are not planning vaccinating your child, we respectfully ask that you seek another practice.  Our practice believes in the safety and efficacy of vaccines.  If you would like more information regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines, we encourage you to visit reliable sources such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s vaccine education center.  Here is a link to their website:

Please CLICK to read the Vaccine Policy.

Financial Policy


Office Visits: We participate in many insurance plans. Please check with our business office regarding your insurance company. Patients should be aware of their individual plans. Some procedures are not covered under certain plans. Please bring all insurance cards to each visit. We do not bill non- participating insurance companies for office visits, but you may by sending a copy of your superbill to your company. Effective June 1, 2012 we will be closed to new Gateway patients.

Effective August 30, 2013 Lancaster Pediatric Associates, Ltd will no longer accept Aetna Better Health for Kids insurance plan.  Please contact member services located on the back of your card for options. 

(Assignment and Instruction for Direct Payment)

Please complete the AIDP form which we provide for each child and each insurance company, and notify us immediately if your insurance information changes.

Co-pays remain the responsibility of the parent at each visit. For your convenience we now accept MAC, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. As a policy, physicians do not discuss billing problems with patients. Please discuss any billing or payment problems with the business office.

Make copies of everything you send to your insurance company, and keep a personal file of all statements, payments, etc.

Additional Fees

  1. Should you fail to keep an appointment
  2. Fail to pay co-pay at the time of service
  3. Returned checks
  4. After hour/Emergency visits
  5. All “Forms” other than completion during a well visit
  6. Collection fees 
  7. Duplicate copies and/or Medical Records