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About Us

Why bring your child to a Pediatric Practice?

Lancaster Pediatrics TeamWe offer our patients and families two types of professional expertise. A Pediatrician is a physician who specializes in the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health for infants, children and adolescents. After medical school, 100% of a Pediatrician’s residency training is devoted to study of the health and illness of children and adolescents. He/She thereafter devotes 100% of his/her time to children. This is in sharp contrast to the family practice resident who spends 25-30% of his/her residency studying pediatrics and thereafter has active experience with pediatric patients only 18% of his/her professional time.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner’s (CPNP’s) are pediatric registered nurses with advanced medical training and master’s degrees in pediatric nursing. They are certified by national certifying agencies.

CPNP’s perform well baby exams and diagnose and treat common acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. CPNP’s are dedicated to providing comprehensive compassionate care to children and their families.

We never stop learning about the care of children and can do a better job than someone who spends only a portion of his/her time with children. We care for and care about children. Why should you see anyone less qualified? Kids are here to stay and so are we!

Practice Philosophy

As our practice has grown, we continue our efforts to provide personalized care for all of our patients.

We offer:

  • Daily office hours at two locations.
  • Evening hours at our main office.
  • Saturday, and Holiday hours at the main office.
  • Twenty-four hour availability of a Pediatrician.
  • Vaccines cannot be administered without the child’s previous vaccine history.

In an effort to enhance the doctor/patient relationship, we recommend that you choose three physicians from the group. We will make every effort for you to see one of the three at all of your regular visits, and if possible, sick and emergency visits as well. You are welcome to choose one physician, and we will still try to do the above, but this makes it much more difficult. Naturally, if you are comfortable seeing all of the practitioners, this is fine with us. Having your child’s record available makes it easy for any of us to review his history and provide you with personalized care at that visit.

We want to help you make good use of your office visit with your child. We suggest you write down your questions and problems before hand.

Our hope is to assist you in guiding your children through their normal growth and development, spotting deviations from that norm if they appear, and advising on their management. Problems for discussion might include neurologic progress, discipline, feeding habits and diets, infections, school problems, sexuality, substance abuse, accident prevention and poison control as well as the trials of adolescence.

We know that raising children takes an enormous amount of time and energy on your part. If we can help in that growth toward responsible, loving, and independent adulthood and make it more enjoyable for both parent and child, then we are accomplishing our goals.

The Physicians

All of our physicians are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics and are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics to practice child and adolescent care. Our physicians are active staff of Lancaster General Hospital and its Women’s and Babies division.