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New Patient Portal!!


We are excited that we will be rolling out a new patient portal that will have several new features!  


The first step is that we need patients to re-register on the new patient portal, especially if you are being seen after 10/1/2019. If you are seen for an appointment you should be getting a welcome email from our new portal company. Otherwise we are asking all patients to please follow the steps below to get registered today!!


1. Follow this link to Create an account https://login.intelichart.com/loginAccountLoginReturnUrl2f


2. For Register: Select “No Pin” (unless you are given a Pin from a visit email to use)


3. Register the Parent information first (unless 18 years of age, then the patient registers him/herself)


4. For Location: You will need to change the “Within Miles” from the default 5 miles so that you will see all of our offices. Please register with whichever office you frequent the most. 


5. When you Continue the Registration, it will ask you to “Add a Child” which you can add one at a time.


6. Complete the Registration and it will send our office a notification to link you to our practice. This part can take up to 24 hours. After which you will be able to login to our new portal!


Please understand that our new portal will have very limited information and functionality for the next several weeks as we get updates from our IT vendor. In the meantime, you can still access your old patient portal by going to our portal site at https://portal.lancped.com. We will be turning off the old portal as soon as we can, so please go and sign up for our new portal today!

Thank you for your patience!