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Patient Portal

Our Online Patient Portal facilitates better communication with our practice by providing established patients convenient and secure access 24 x 7.  Our portal allows you to access your child’s medical records and complete common tasks at your convenience.   Are you already a member?  Login Now!

Through our Secure Patient Portal you can do the following and more:

Manage your or your child’s personal and insurance information

Send non-urgent messages and medical questions to our clinical staff

Manage appointment reminders

Review lab results and Updates / View Visit History / Print School/Sports/Daycare Forms

Request a prescription refill

 View Billing Statements & Pay your bill

Although this tool is designed to be a convenient resource for our patients, it should not take the place of any important communications about your care. We continue to encourage you to call our office as necessary.

Patient Portal Log-in

How to Sign Up

Click the Patient Portal Log-in link above to self-register for an account.

Select a PCP (Primary Care Provider): It is very important that you choose a PCP for your child.  A PCP is one provider who will be your go to person for well visits, questions and chronic problems.  When you sign-up for the patient portal please confirm that your child’s PCP is correct.  If the PCP listed under your child is not correct and you would like it to be changed, please contact our office.  

Please note that provider panels may be closed to new patients, at times, based on that provider’s patient load.  If the provider you wish to be your child’s PCP is closed to new patients, your child will be put on a waiting list and you will be notified when a patient slot becomes available

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Having difficulty logging in? Have a comment or question? Call us to let us know ( 717-291-5931 ).